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Navicula seminulum Grunow 1860, Verh. zool.–bot. Ges. Wien, vol. 10, p. 552, pl. 2, fig. 3a–d (non 2a–d), nec Navicula seminulum Ehrenb. 1842, Ber. Bekanntm. Verh. Königl. Preuss. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1842, p. 265, nomen nudum. Synonyms: = Navicula seminulum var. radiosa Hust. 1954, Arch. Hydrobiol., vol. 48, p. 473, figs 36, 37; = Navicula joubaudii H. Germ. 1982, Cryptog. Algol., vol. 3, p. 36, pl. 2, figs 12–24; = Sellaphora radiosa (Hust.) H. Kobayasi in Mayama et al. 2002, Diatom, vol. 18, p. 90; = Sellaphora joubaudii (H. Germ.) Aboal in Aboal et al. 2003, Diatom Monographs, vol. 4, p. 433.
Wetzel, C. E.; Ector, L.; Van de Vijver, B.; Compere, P.; Mann, D. G. (2015). Morphology, typification and critical analysis of some ecologically important small naviculoid species (Bacillariophyta). <em>Fottea.</em> 15(2): 203-234. available online at http://fottea.czechphycology.cz/artkey/fot-201502-0008_Morphology_typification_and_critical_analysis_of_some_ecologically_important_small_naviculoid_species_Bacilla.php Available for editors  PDF available [request]
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