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Heiberg, P.A.C. (1863). Conspectus criticus Diatomacearum Danicarum. Kritisk Oversigt over De Danske Diatomeer. Wilhelm Priors Forlag, Kjøbenhavn., 135 pp., 6 pls
Heiberg, P.A.C.
Conspectus criticus Diatomacearum Danicarum. Kritisk Oversigt over De Danske Diatomeer
Wilhelm Priors Forlag, Kjøbenhavn.
135 pp., 6 pls
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Achnanthidium brevipes (Agardh) Cleve, 1895 accepted as Achnanthes brevipes var. brevipes Agardh, 1824 (new combination reference)
Achnanthidium exile (Kützing) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Achnanthes exilis var. exilis Kützing, 1833 (new combination reference)
Achnanthidium subsessile var. subsessile (Kützing) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Achnanthes subsessilis var. subsessilis Kützing, 1833 (new combination reference)
Asterionella gracillima f. gracillima (Hantzsch in Rabenhorst) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Diatoma gracillimum Hantzsch in Rabenhorst, 1861 (new combination reference)
Asterionella inflata Heib., 1863 (original description)
Cocconeis communis Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Corinna P.A.C. Heiberg, 1863 † (original description)
Corinna elegans Heiberg, 1863 † (original description)
Cymbella encyonema Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Cymbella naviculiformis Auerswald ex Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Cymbella variabilis (Cramer in Rabenhorst) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Cocconema variabile Cramer in Rabenhorst, 1862 (new combination reference)
Diatoma hiemale (Lyngb.) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Fragilaria hiemalis (Roth) Lyngbye, 1819 (new combination reference)
Diatoma mutabile (W. Smith) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Odontidium mutabile var. mutabile W. Smith, 1856 (new combination reference)
Epithemia globifera Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Fragilaria aequalis var. aequalis Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Fragilaria bidens f. bidens Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Fragilaria parasitica (W.Smith) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Odontidium parasiticum var. parasiticum W. Smith, 1856 (new combination reference)
Fragilaria tenerrima Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Fragilaria tenuicollis var. tenuicollis Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Gomphonema hyalinum Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Hemiaulus P.A.C. Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Hemiaulus februatus var. februatus Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Hemiaulus hostilis f. hostilis Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Hemiaulus proteus Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Himantidium robustum var. robustum (Pritchard) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Eunotia robusta f. robusta Ralfs in Pritchard, 1861 (new combination reference)
Lysigonium nummuloides (Lyngbye) Heiberg, 1863 (new combination reference)
Navicula boeckii (Ehrenberg) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Cocconema boeckii Ehrenberg, 1838 (new combination reference)
Navicula fragilis (Greville) Heiberg (original description)
Navicula grevillei var. grevillei (Agardh) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Schizonema grevillei var. grevillei Agardh, 1830 (new combination reference)
Navicula mesolepta Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Navicula vulgaris var. vulgaris (Thwaites) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Schizonema vulgare var. vulgare Thwaites, 1848 (new combination reference)
Nitzschia homoeocladia Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Nitzschia paxillifer (O.F.Müller) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Vibrio paxillifer O.F.Müller, 1786 (new combination reference)
Novilla P.A.C. Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Novilla gemma (Ehrenberg) Heiberg, 1863 (new combination reference)
Novilla ovata (Kützing) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Surirella ovata f. ovata Kützing, 1844 (new combination reference)
Novilla striatula (Turpin) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Surirella striatula f. striatula Turpin, 1816-1829 (1828) (new combination reference)
Orthosira kuetzingiana (Thwaites) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Cyclotella kuetzingiana f. kuetzingiana Thwaites, 1848 (new combination reference)
Orthosira operculata (Agardh) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Frustulia operculata C.Agardh, 1827 accepted as Epithemia operculata (C.Agardh) Ruck & Nakov (new combination reference)
Orthosira rotula (Kützing) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Melosira roeseana Rabenhorst, 1852 (new combination reference)
Paralia P.A.C. Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Paralia marina (W.Smith) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Orthosira marina W. Smith, 1856 (new combination reference)
Plagiogramma staurophorum var. staurophorum (Gregory) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Denticula staurophora Gregory, 1857 (new combination reference)
Podosphenia communis Heib., 1863 (original description)
Solium P.A.C. Heiberg, 1863 † (original description)
Solium exsculptum P.A.C.Heiberg, 1863 † (original description)
Solium exsculptum var. exsculptum Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Stauroneis crucigera (W.Smith) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Schizonema cruciger f. cruciger W. Smith, 1856 (new combination reference)
Striatella interrupta (Ehrenberg) Heiberg, 1863 accepted as Tessella interrupta Ehrenberg, 1838 (new combination reference)
Triceratium biddulphia Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Trinacria P.A.C. Heiberg, 1863 † (original description)
Trinacria excavata f. excavata Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
Trinacria reginan var. reginan Heiberg, 1863 (original description)
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