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Frustulia rhomboides (Ehrenberg) De Toni, 1891

172442  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:172442)

uncertain > unassessed
Frustulia rhomboides var. rhomboides · uncertain > unassessed (alternative representation)
Navicula rhomboides Ehrenberg, 1843 · unaccepted (basionym)


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  1. Forma Frustulia rhomboides f. hustedtii Germain, 1981 accepted as Frustulia hustedtii (Germain) H. Lange-Bertalot in Wydrzycka & Lange-Bertalot, 2001 (synonym)
  2. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. saxonica (Rabenh.) De Toni, 1891 accepted as Frustulia saxonica Rabenhorst, 1853 (synonym)
  3. Forma Frustulia rhomboides f. capitata (Mayer) Hustedt, 1930 accepted as Frustulia saxonica var. capitata A.Mayer, 1917 (uncertain > unassessed)
  4. Forma Frustulia rhomboides f. capitata Lak, 1959 (uncertain > unassessed)
  5. Forma Frustulia rhomboides f. dispersata Maillard, 1978 (uncertain > unassessed)
  6. Forma Frustulia rhomboides f. nipponica Skvortzow, 1936 (uncertain > unassessed)
  7. Forma Frustulia rhomboides f. occidentalis Sovereign, 1963 (uncertain > unassessed)
  8. Forma Frustulia rhomboides f. rhomboides (Ehrenberg) De Toni, 1891 accepted as Navicula rhomboides f. rhomboides Ehrenberg, 1843 (uncertain > unassessed)
  9. Forma Frustulia rhomboides f. saxonica (Rabenhorst) De Toni, 1891 accepted as Frustulia saxonica f. saxonica Rabenhorst, 1851 (uncertain > unassessed)
  10. Forma Frustulia rhomboides f. undulata Hustedt, 1930 (uncertain > unassessed)
  11. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. amphipleuroides (Grunow) De Toni, 1891 accepted as Navicula rhomboides var. amphipleuroides Grunow, 1880 (uncertain > unassessed)
  12. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. angustata Pantocsek & Greguss in Greguss, 1913 (uncertain > unassessed)
  13. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. baicalensis Skvortzow & Meyer, 1928 (uncertain > unassessed)
  14. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. capitata (Mayer) R.M.Patrick, 1966 accepted as Frustulia saxonica var. capitata A.Mayer, 1917 (uncertain > unassessed)
  15. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. chinensis (Skvortzov, 2012) (uncertain)
  16. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. compacta Cleve-Euler, 1934 (uncertain > unassessed)
  17. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. crassinervia (Brébisson ex W.Smith) Ross, 1947 accepted as Navicula crassinervia var. crassinervia Brébisson in W. Smith, 1853 (uncertain > unassessed)
  18. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. elliptica Hustedt, 1937 (1938) (uncertain > unassessed)
  19. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. elongata Krieger in Kolkwitz & Krieger, 1936 (uncertain > unassessed)
  20. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. elongatissima Bourrelly & Manguin (uncertain > unassessed)
  21. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. genuina Cleve-Euler, 1952 (uncertain > unassessed)
  22. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. genuina Mayer, 1913 (uncertain > unassessed)
  23. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. huberi Meister in Huber-Pestalozzi, 1930 (uncertain > unassessed)
  24. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. lacustris Maillard, 1978 (uncertain > unassessed)
  25. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. leptocephala Østrup, 1897 (uncertain > unassessed)
  26. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. lineolata (Ehrenberg) Cleve, 1894 (uncertain > unassessed)
  27. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. obtusa (Grunow) Gutwinski, 1895 (uncertain > unassessed)
  28. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. oregonica Cleve, 1894 (uncertain > unassessed)
  29. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. pusilla Meister, 1932 (uncertain > unassessed)
  30. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. rhodesica Cholnoky, 1954 (uncertain > unassessed)
  31. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. rhomboides accepted as Frustulia rhomboides (Ehrenberg) De Toni, 1891 (uncertain > unassessed, alternative representation)
  32. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. rostrata Manguin, 1942 (uncertain > unassessed)
  33. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. shiretokensis Fukushima & Kishimoto, 1968 (uncertain > unassessed)
  34. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. tenuirostris Cleve-Euler, 1952 (uncertain > unassessed)
  35. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. undulata Cleve-Euler, 1934 (uncertain > unassessed)
  36. Variety Frustulia rhomboides var. viridula (Brébisson) Cleve, 1894 accepted as Colletonema viridulum Brébisson ex Kützing, 1849 (uncertain > unassessed)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
Kociolek, J.P.; Blanco, S.; Coste, M.; Ector, L.; Liu, Y.; Karthick, B.; Kulikovskiy, M.; Lundholm, N.; Ludwig, T.; Potapova, M.; Rimet, F.; Sabbe, K.; Sala, S.; Sar, E.; Taylor, J.; Van de Vijver, B.; Wetzel, C.E.; Williams, D.M.; Witkowski, A.; Witkowski, J. (2024). DiatomBase. Frustulia rhomboides (Ehrenberg) De Toni, 1891. Accessed at: https://www.diatombase.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=172442 on 2024-03-01
2005-07-12 07:24:36Z
2018-01-31 09:33:29Z

context source (RAS) Australian Antarctic Data Centre. , available online at https://data.aad.gov.au/aadc/biodiversity/ [details]   

basis of record Hällfors, G. (2004). Checklist of Baltic Sea Phytoplankton Species (including some heterotrophic protistan groups). <em>Baltic Sea Environment Proceedings.</em> No. 95: 210 pp., available online at http://helcom.fi/Lists/Publications/BSEP95.pdf [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

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new combination reference Pfitzer, E. (1871). Untersuchungen uber Bau und Entwickelung der Bacillariaceen (Diatomaceen). Botanische Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiet der Morphologie und Physiologie. Herausg. von J. Hanstein, Bonn., Heft 2: 189 pp., 6 pls.
page(s): p. 164 [details]  OpenAccess publication 
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

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